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Tonga is an island state in Oceania, situated in the Southern Pacific, to the west of the International Date Line and neighbors Fiji. Tonga is an island country, and therefore what it has to offer in terms of the legislation of gambling is unique. Less stringent than the laws of many other countries, the Tonga gambling policy is determined by its historical and legal contexts. This is a look at the gambling laws, approving authorities, licenses, taxes, permitted and banned Betting Sites in Tonga

Betting Sites in Tonga
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Gambling Laws and Legislation in Tonga

Tonga is not among the complete list of nations that have legalized gambling. The only legislation that directly refers to ‘gaming houses’ and ‘games of chance’ is the Criminal Offences Act in Sections 82 and 83. This is an act that was first passed in 1924 although the last amendment was done in 2016 and outlines legal gambling in the country.

Key Sections of the Criminal Offenses Act:

  • Sec. 82: Defines ‘gaming house’ to mean any house, room, or place occupied as a place of resort for playing.
  • Sec. 83: Defines the term “gaming” as engaging in any game of pure luck in an attempt to win money or any other form of stakes. Engagement in such activities is prohibited and attracts the penalty of a fine or even up to 3 months imprisonment.

Gambling Legal Regulation and Legislation

The first license for the Tongan casino was obtained by Tavake Tamafua Ltd company which is a part of Red Warrior Entertainment Company in 2017. The projected capital investment is in excess of $450 million and this comprised of a casino complex, a shopping center, villas and airport resort. Despite getting some approvals, contradictory statements from the government put the fate of this casino in tremendous limbo.

Key events in gambling legislation:

  • 1999: Act 25 incorporated section 83A to the Criminal Offences Act which provided for licensed games.
  • 2016: Last amendment of the criminal Offences Act.
  • 2017: Tavake Tamafua Ltd was the first company that applied for the casino license.

Regulatory Agencies

To be able to apply for a gaming license in Tonga, one must submit the application to the Gaming and Lotteries Board. This board assesses the applications and decides whether an applicant is appropriate to operate a gaming business within Tonga or not.

Gambling Law and Regulation in Tonga – 5 Things to Know

There are two types of licenses; the license itself and the fees.

It also contains licenses for casino, betting site, and gaming machines.

Possibilities of appearing changes in the legislative space of Tonga

Necezita se tedy v dnešní době informovat o novinkách v oblasti práva.

Corporate tax, gaming duty, application fee, and generation of renewal fee

Gambling Licenses and Fees

As a result, the process of gaining the license goes through the consideration of the Gaming and Lotteries Board. The lack of specific fees and detailed regulations regarding licenses demonstrates that Tonga’s government maintains a generally neutral stance on gambling.

Gambling Taxes

There is very little information on gambling taxes in Tonga given that Tonga does not have a well developed gambling industry and few legal forms of gambling. Nevertheless, should regulations metamorphose, it is quite probable that set norms encompassing taxation of gambling revenues will be put in place.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Due to the vagueness of the legislation that pertains to gambling in the Kingdom of Tonga it becomes quite challenging to determine what specifically is legal or unlawful. However, according to the Criminal Offences Act above, the general attitude towards gambling is prohibited mainly if it is not authorised by the government.

Chronological list of legislation and important events:

  • 1924: Introduction of the Criminal Offences Act in its first printed version.
  • 1999: This was done by the introduction of Section 83A of the Criminal Offences Act on licensed games.
  • 2016: Another important development was the last amendment to the Criminal Offences Act.
  • 2017: The first casino license could be procured by Tavake Tamafua Ltd.

License Types and Fees of Betting Sites in Tonga

The particular categories of licenses together with the related application fees are not easily identifiable due to the fact that gambling legislation in Tonga is still in its developmental stage. As legislation develops, expect the following to occur:

  • Casino License: For the management of real-live casinos.
  • Betting Site License: For creating online betting platforms.
  • Gaming Machine License: This license is for operating gaming machines in the authorised territories.

List of Taxes and Fees

Some of the commonly collected taxes and fees include the following:

  • Corporate Tax: It is paid based on a ratio of gross revenues.
  • Gaming Duty: Normal a common cost that is applied to the earnings relating to betting is termed particular duty.
  • Application Fees: Initial charges for processing licenses and other permits .
  • Annual Renewal Fees: Charges for the renewal of operating licenses for consecutive years of service delivery.


Tonga as the case of the South Pacific region presents an interesting but, at the same time, a rather paradoxical picture of the gambling regulation. Albeit the country has not completely endorsed the legalization and formal recognition of betting sites or even sports betting, certain aspects of its legal system hint at future progression. The changing legislative policies in the Tonga country may help in development of clearer policies for the bettings and gaming in line with the Tonga country.

Those who seek to find best Betting Sites in Tonga and engaged in Tonga sports betting, would also have to be aware of recent changes in legislative processes and regulations.

Betting Sites in Tonga: The Most Asked Questions

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